About Me

As fortune would have it, I recently inherited some money from a distant relative.  Rather than spend it on luxuries today, I’d like to use these funds to generate additional income for my family in the future.

There are so many different choices when it comes to investing.  I haven’t yet decide what the best option is for me.  It’s important to evaluate the risk-reward of any investment. If you’re conservative and frugal like me, it’s especially important. Many so-called advisers don’t really probe into how much risk we’re willing to take on.  I want to grow my money without exposing it to undue risk.

Without taking some risk, however, it’s challenging to grow my inheritance in the way I would like. I’m still young enough to take a little risk. I understand that time is a key ingredient to attaining financial wealth.

Sheila NurseLike many investors, I also have a full time job. As a nurse, I work hard and late at night, so I don’t have a lot of time to spend managing my investments.  I don’t want to worry about my investments because keeping my job and enjoying life are important to my family’s well-being.

Some of the areas I’m evaluating include traditional investments like educational funds for the children, stock investing, and real estate. In addition, I’m considering adding forex trading because, just in case you haven’t noticed, some currencies like the British pound are definitely volatile these days. In volatility, I know there’s money to be made but, like many investors, I want to invest in the most prudent way possible.

I might also take a look at ivesting a small business or two. With the development of web-based e-commerce, buying a websites might be an interesting option.  I’ve also recently heard of crowd lending which allows me to receive up to double digital interest rates on my money.

Diversification is one of the ways to consistently grow assets. No asset class if off limits. Vending machines are ever-popular and, if I decide to add this type of investment to my holdings, I want to make sure that my customers can grab a ready snack when they’re on the go.

I hope you’ll take this journey with me. Let’s interact and share our findings and dreams. Together, we can de-stress the process of making sound financial decisions that affect our families’ futures. I hope we’ll share our individual great way to invest, I hope we’ll become friends along the way.

Thanks for reading!